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Hi, I´m Claudia

Coaching has changed the trajectory of my life, bringing meaning to my experience. The corporate world and international mobility are a part of me, of my personal and my work history.

As a Certified Psychologist and Coach (CPC) my goal is to help you reach your target any areas you are looking to achieve growth in your life.

Together we will explore what is holding you back, question your limiting beliefs, and unleash your full potential to achieve what is truly important to you.

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How can I Help you? In 4 different ways



It's a Powerful methodology that reveals the general perspective of people towards life and work. It is an assessment that shows how people perceive the world and they behave according to their belief system, both under normal circumstances and under stress. Thanks to its results and the reflection carried out, clients are able to redirect their attitudes and actions towards their desired results. At the beginning of a coaching process, it is a powerful enhancer and accelerator of the change process.

Coaching Individual

Individual Coaching

The power to hold powerful and creative conversations, those that reveal and open possibilities which are enormous. Coaching is a process that seeks to achieve the results that the client wants. Since the focus is on the outcome and the future, it pursues to empower the client to achieve their goals in a sustainable way over time.

Seminarios y consultoría

Workshops and consulting

Talks, workshops, training activities, consulting processes are excellent instances to encourage reflection. Awaken the need for change and challenge beliefs to deliver new resources. In general, they address objectives such as promoting cultural diversity, promoting integration, challenging judgments, highlighting expectations, providing communication- related tools to facilitate the inclusion of international people.

From Survival to Thrive

From Survival to Thrive

Moving abroad is one of the most radical changes you can face, and one of the most demanding: so much to do, so much to care about, and topics that concern you! The list seems to be infinite, the stress is lying in wait for you, deadlines are getting closer and, in a blink, you are in your new place.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is an alliance and a pact to create a safe space, where there is room for powerful conversations that allow and facilitate growth.

Coaching is an invitation to live a process of self-discovery, a process that explains your results and where you get to create new ways of being and acting in order to achieve the desired outcome and to live an extraordinary life.

They are spaces where personal blocks, recurring emotions, the belief system, and the world of variables that explain our current life are revealed and challenged.

It is a relationship of trust in which paths are explored and plans are developed to achieve what one wants.

Coaching for me is a path, a vehicle, a springboard that allows you to jump to the life you want to live, nothing less. As adults we are responsible for our own results, as well as responsible for transforming our life into what we do want from it. All this in the context of a deep, safe and objective relationship.


Claudia has a true gift at helping people see the best in themselves. She is incredibly compassionate and authentic, which allowed me to open up and trust her from the moment we met. Before a session with her I often feel low, stuck or frustrated, and after I leave feeling lighter, clear and grounded in my wisdom. It’s amazing what can happen when you feel so seen and heard. I highly recommend you work with Claudia. She is a fantastic coach and amazing human.

Rasha P. Director of YogaWorks, Teacher training

Claudia has been an extremely helpful coach in pulling me out of my depressed and sad state of mind. I would go into sessions really sad, but by the time session ends, I feel very happy and confident. She is like a healer and a great listener. It is like having someone who holds space for you. She always follows up and genuinely cares for her client’s well-being.

Prachi B. Financial Manager

Claudia is an amazing coach. She has helped me in many aspects of my life, especially facing challenges. Now I feel empowered and daring to take risks as I know what I am capable of. She is always available because she honestly cares about my progress. She challenges me out of my comfort zone making me feel safe yet holding me accountable for the actions I have to take towards my goals. She is a great listener and very compassionate; it's easy to open up and trust her.

Anshul S. Director, Sharpn Digital LLP

It seems that having left my country I would have left part of me, felt lost on the road. Away from my country, without practicing my profession, even my family seemed confused. At that moment, Claudia offered me her guidance, and working with her was like clearing the mist around me. My fears were hard-working, but Claudia was very patient, assertive, and empathetic. I highly recommend working with her.

Ximena F. Pharmaceutical

Having the support of a professional coach like Claudia is without a doubt the best decisions I have made. It is not only focused on enhancing your career development (which is my goal) but also on personal issues that may be affecting your performance. It is great to have a trusting and supportive conversation to identify the causes of the weaknesses where you intend to improve. We always propose objectives for each sessions, so it is extremely helpful to feel that one is meeting the objectives and making progress in each session. I strongly recommend working with Claudia since she is always happy and willing to listen, guiding the conversation towards the most relevant topics to communicated during that session.

Cristóbal T. Consulting Manager