Hi. I am Claudia Faure

I am a psychologist and a certified coach. I work with corporate clients and clients that have moved internationally. My mission is to support brave expats to feel at home in their life abroad. I want to help them to design their ideal life and live it no matter where they are living in the world. I care that, in a situation of great challenge, loneliness, insecurity and uncertainty, they manage to feel confident, discover their own personal strength, their motivation to empower themselves to face the challenges head on.

I have specialized in transitions and major life changes, and I am especially geared towards expats, guess why? Because I have been one. I have also had the experience of returning to my home country, so I can speak from experience regarding the entire cycle: from preparing to leave with a suitcase full of expectations, living in another place, adapting to a different culture with a different language, the heart aches and the happy moments, and the return, with the consequent reverse culture shock, being a different woman from the one who left years ago.

Being an expat, in my case accompanying my husband who was transferred for his work, has been one of the most intense experiences that I have ever lived: a lot of personal growth, putting myself to the test, discovering aspects of myself that I did not know, or of which I was not fully aware of until I had to put them into practice. Living elsewhere requires courage, adventure seeking, being daring, vulnerability, and for many people (myself included), this requires a strong willingness to look into ourselves.

Such strong changes force you to look at yourself, to discover yourself in dimensions or levels that probably would not have been necessary otherwise.

It is such a big change that it affects our body, emotions and behavior; and it is necessary to be aware of this in order to understand it, accept it, and incorporate it and thus be happy in the place where you decide to live.

That is my mission. I care that you are happy and feel at home, no matter where you are geographically.

My professional journey

I am Chilean, I studied psychology at the Diego Portales University. Then, I studied various postgraduate degrees in brief strategic interventions, organizational constellations, human capital development, along with other various courses and diplomas. I love to study; it is one of my hobbies.

I have worked in consulting on issues related to skills development and leadership for more than 20 years. During this period, I worked as a consultant, then I partnered to create a consulting firm that was later integrated into one of the largest global consulting companies.

During this period, I worked on the Learning and Development service line, providing learning solutions including training and development of skills such as leadership. Human growth and development have always been a topic of relevance for me, a true driving force that worked in alignment with one of my personal values of helping others to develop and achieve their goals. It was a very enriching and rewarding period, full of learning and growth. I worked on this both in Chile and in multiple countries in America and Europe.

Later, living in the US, I continued studying. I did courses at the University of Arizona, including a course with Professor Noam Chomsky ("Language, Mind, and Brain"), which was an outstanding experience.

Looking for how to capitalize on my profession as a Psychologist, my years as a consultant, and my life experience as an expatriate, I decided to pursue certification as a coach at iPEC, one of the most prestigious institutes in the US and accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I worked as a coach and a consultant in the US until we returned to Chile, where I continue my practice.

Beyond the bio

Interculturality has always fascinated me, I love traveling, seeing remote places and experiencing different cultures.

I married an Argentinan, who emigrated from his country for love (not only hyper romantic but an honor! I wouldn’t change it for anything!). At the beginning, his adaptation was difficult, I had to learn living in my own country from the difficulties of adjusting to a different culture. I learned about discrimination, about resilience, about perseverance, about being faithful to who you are, about authenticity. I learned tolerance, the strength of internal negotiation, of seeking to accommodate a different culture. He was my inspiration back then, and he still is.

We have a daughter who, by now, deeply understands about multiculturalism. And that makes me proud. She challenges us every day and is the best source of love and energy.

When we moved abroad, her well-being was our first priority. Before not too long she was happy and adapted to her new environment. For adults it is usually more difficult. Personally, reinventing myself, adjusting to a new reality and without my usual professional work, was difficult. It was the moment when everything began for me: new questions, new discoveries, new resources, new paths.

This is me, and I wish to accompany you on this adventure, whatever part of the life cycle abroad you are in, each one has its particular characteristics. that will help you understand yourself in a different place, with new challenges and It can mean living the life of your dreams. Let me accompany you, I have lived this myself and know what I am talking about.