It is a powerful attitudinal test that shows how the person faces their world: individual attitudes, perceptions, and perspectives on work and life in general, both under normal conditions and under pressure. Thanks to the analysis and learning of the “Energy Leadership Development System (TM)” method, clients have the opportunity to shape their attitudes, behaviors, and results according to how they want to show up and relate with others.

La retroalimentación y reflexiones obtenidas luego de responder el ELI te permite mirar de cerca en QUE áreas de la vida estás invirtiendo más energía, y COMO la estás invirtiendo. También explica por qué hay situaciones en que las personas simplemente reaccionamos, instintivamente, sin mediar reflexión alguna, y cómo estas reacciones afectan nuestros resultados. Luego podrás preguntarte si la forma habitual de enfrentar las situaciones te sirve para alcanzar tus objetivos, o necesitas generar ciertos cambios.

When to answer the E.L.I:?

At different times: at the beginning of a coaching process powerfully accelerates the process of self-knowledge. You can also apply it to monitor progress and / or at the end of a coaching process. Since this is a subjective evaluation, results may vary with time and proper work. When you use the E.L.I. you can change your perspectives and attitudes, develop self-knowledge, increase your energy and effectiveness in your leadership.

How would you feel if you could let go of negativity, worry, doubt, and guilt? E.L.I. offers you the possibility of becoming aware of when and why you generate those emotions. Being able to observe your pattern of thoughts, understand where your limitations come from, and free yourself from them allows you to access energy levels associated with collaboration, openness, creativity, and success. This is part of the growth process that begins with E.L.I.

How can I answer it?

The E.L.I. is a test that takes approximately 20 minutes to answer. You contract it with me. I am a certified E.L.I.-MP (Master Practitioner). After taking the test, we will have a 1 on 1 session to look at your results and guide you to get the most out of it.

You can learn about the seven energy levels, the percentage of it that you invest both under normal conditions and stress. You will know your Average Resonating Level of Energy (A.R.L.) which is the average of all seven levels, reflects on how you are investing your energy, and on the results you are obtaining. You can also design a path that effectively leads you to achieve the personal and/or professional goals that you set for yourself, and this will increase your A.R.L.

A study of more than 30,000 participants shows that people with A.R.L. are higher statistically, and more satisfied with all aspects of their lives. From relationships and personal freedom to communication skills and leadership skills.

The Forbes Coaches Council recommends the E.L.I. as "... an assessment strongly recommended to executives." Click here to read the full article

I want to respond to the E.L.I.

This explanation of the E.L.I. is partially extracted with permission from the Energy Leadership website of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).