I know of loneliness, feeling of helplessness and lack of optimism about the future. I can relate with several of these phrases that I have been hearing very frequently in the recent times:

  • I feel lost in this country. I wonder what I'm doing here
  • I don't understand why I can't achieve what to do
  • I'm unmotivated, nothing excites me, I no longer know what I like to do
  • I can't connect with other people, no matter what I do
  • I feel like my life is purposeless
  • I am constantly tired and bored
  • I hate feeling like I'm stuck and I'm not moving in any direction
  • I feel confused and very angry
  • Sometimes I doubt of who I am ... I remember when I trusted myself
  • I miss the life I had before coming to this country
  • I feel the stress of a new job, a new country, everything new.. I feel overwhelmed
  • Meeting the expectations of work and supporting my family is becoming increasingly difficult for me

I get it; I have been in that place too. Therefore, if you have felt something similar, consider coaching as the tool that can help you get out of that state, give you relief and help you feel the way you deserve to live.

I want that in a situation of great challenge, loneliness, and insecurity, you manage to feel confident, discover your own strengths and motivations, and become empowered by the challenges ahead. As a coach, I will provide the tools to engage your full potential so that you can face any challenge no matter how difficult your situation is.

I have developed different types of services, so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Just take action! I provide a 30-minutes session with no-obligation, to help you discover the type that fits you, for free.

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