Workshops and consulting

With more than 20 years of experience in consulting and training. I seek to stimulate cultural diversity, integration of international people, training and strengthening of multidisciplinary and diverse teams, and opening of organizations towards International inclusion.

I am convinced that the real integration of international people enriches the views and the processes, which can only lead to better results.

A) Workshops

Design face-to-face activities or via video conference seeking to contribute to multiculturalism and openness to international people.

Among the numerous topics in which I work are:

  • Leadership and change
  • International movement; ex-pats and integration.
  • Facilitation of adaptation for International people
  • Building culturally diverse teams
  • Leadership and how to get around the blocks to progress in multiculturalism
  • Coaching and Leadership, elements that influence personal and work effectiveness
  • Disciplines for personal and professional mastery
  • People and change: understanding the complexity of change and strengthening personal resources for integration

B) Consulting and Programs

Consulting in this area is designed based on the requirements of the company. Together we can find solutions to the current difficulties of the organization, create and implement plans, and follow the defined actions to ensure the sustainability of the results, and the change you need to implement.

Some of the programs are:

Coaching de adaptación con el empleado internacional

Each coaching process is unique and allows us to get the best out of the person, accelerating the adaptation process and contribution to the company. Taking into account the needs of multicultural development, communication skills (not distinctive) integration skills to the work team translates into the possibility of adding value to their new work more quickly and to a greater extent than someone who does not receive professional support. Likewise, the program includes a look at the family situation; We are aware that the success of the employee also depends on the family adjustment in the new environment.

Program extended to the family

Coaching process that includes the family of international people in programs aimed at their cultural insertion. Program extended to the family can be taken:

  • Before moving abroad, to prepare families for the new transition and the stages to come.
  • As soon as the family arrives, as part of the initial containment package and preparation for the next stages.

Group instances can be developed and bringing together with several families under the same condition in a workshop format. In these instances, the issues that normally affect the expatriate family are reviewed: loneliness, insecurity, self-esteem, and reinvention of work, among others.

Comprehensive program oriented to the working nucleus

This program includes the head and work team of the international person. Judgments and stereotypes are reviewed to develop inclusive and effective communication, eliminating spaces for misunderstandings. Likewise, we seek to facilitate the integration of the person to the new team, thus forming a new unit, with new codes, resources, and sensitivity to everyone's needs.

Cultural awareness program

This program is organization oriented. From a systemic perspective, wide-ranging activities are developed to favor the inclusion of people with an international movement and to value multiculturalism as part of the reality of the company in a global context.