Group Coaching

A little unsure about group coaching? I understand you because I was too at the beginning, I have participated as a coachee in both types, private and group coaching, both have their particular flavors. But the most exciting thing was taking down a lot of judgments and apprehensions that I had and get involved in highly effective conversations with people I did not know.

What is group coaching? These are sessions with a small group of people (between 6 and 8 people) for which we meet once a week. They are a very powerful session with people whom you share situations in common, which facilitates the development of bonds and deep conversations. Trust, confidentiality, and reciprocity are part of the psychological contract to participate in a coaching group.

Finding support from those who are on a similar path as yours, encountering the same difficulties, and sharing different and new resources is a very nourishing experience. It feels safe and easy to look in the mirror through the experience of others and to be able to share the particularities that situations and challenges have for you.

One of the benefits is learning about yourself by listening to others, their stories, and challenges and how they resonate with you. You find support, ideas, and inspiration to take the next steps, as well as having various other people and perspectives working for you.

The feeling of belonging to a community, the security that is generated, and learning through the experience of others is enormous! If our willpower to incorporate changes is strong, the strength of the environment is always greater, so it is important to have a community that supports you. They know what you need because they are playing on the same court as you.

In addition, it represents a great introduction to explore your next steps, especially if you consider it as a gateway to later move to 1: 1 coaching.

I am interested in exploring group coaching!